If you want to enjoy nature and the “great outdoors” for a moment…or two… or three then our lounge is the ideal location. The pine and antique wood invites guests to stay and people can’t wait to settle themselves into a cosy corner.

Books and Games

There are a lot of books, especially those relating to hiking, available here, as well as hiking maps. There are also plenty of other activities to pass the time in our lounge. A variety of board games, children’s games and parlour games are already awaiting eager families, play with Lego or it’s also good to paint something.

TV und Free WiFi

Also, our lounge is equipped with a TV and WiFi. So you can reacquaint yourselves with the latest news and make contact with people at home.


In the morning our comfortable lounge serves as breakfast room. Enjoy a wonderful breakfast with farm-own organic products in our breakfast room for an eccellent start in a new day.