The Rodenecker alpine meadow is one of the most beautiful in the whole of South Tyrol. From there you can get a view of the Eisack, Wipp and Puster valleys, people are often amazed by this magical view. Body and soul experience a moment of relaxation and then carry on along one of the many mountain trails. Whether you’re on a pleasant walk or are a passionate hiker, our region, and especially Rodeneck in relation to the Rodenecker alpine meadow has something to offer everyone. The surrounding meadows, forests and fields refresh the mind and compete with the beauty of the mountain peaks.

Of course the surroundings also invite mountain biking. Don’t leave other activities on your farm holiday in South Tyrol off your list. The mild climate makes it easy to do any kind of activity you like. How would it be to visit a dairy or go on a Nordic walking route? Also, numerous natural monuments and chalets are worth a visit and bring variety to your holiday plans. We also recommend a walk to one of the tarns as these blue lakes are stunningly beautiful…